Functional Tests


Many people today are suffering from hidden food allergies, you could be one of them?

Many digestive problems are considered the 'norm' with symptoms ranging from bloating, flatulance, constipation and nausea. Food allergies and intolerances seemed to be on the increase. Your digestive tract is your 'inside skin' and represents a 10 meter length of tube with a surface area the size of a small football pitch; the billions of cells that make up this barrier between your body and the environment are renewed every four days. The role of the digestive tract is to process our food, extracting and absorbing vital nutrients, eliminating the rest. How good we are at this determines our energy level, longevity and the state of our bodies & mind; so digestion and absortion is vital.

If these symptoms continue for too long without being checked then they may lead to more serious conditions as Irritable dowel syndrome, Colitis, Divericulitis, Ulcers or Chronic fatique.

Milk allergy is also very common among children and adults; our bodies need an enzyme called lactase which breakdown the (milk sugar) called lactose. Many adults lose the ability to digest lactose and when this occurs the symptoms such as bloating, wind, abdominal pain and diarrhoea will occur. Removing cow's milk from the diet and replacing with Soya, rice, corn or goats milk should improve the symptoms

A general intolerance to dairy may produce symptoms of blocked nose, excessive mucus production, asthma or gastrointestinal problems. These tend to be more common in individuals who consume dairy products in large quantities and regularly.

The good news is that Functional Testing is available -

IWDL offer a number of tests (see below) which helps you to identify the most common allergens, these help us to diagnose the offending foods and impliment an action plan to eliminate them from your diet, transforming your digestion and absorption, thereby creating optimal health and energy.

Tests available

FACTests-food sensitivity Comprehensive Adrenal Stress Index Element Profiles Chronic Fatigue Screen
CDSA-Stool Analysis – dysbiosis or parasites Thyroid Hormone Screens Amino Acids Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
Gut Permeability (leaky gut) Female Hormone Panels Osteoporosis Risk Assessment Trio Profile
IgE Allergy Panels PCOS Profile Fatty Acids Screen Detoxification Capacity Profile
Secretory IgA Menopause Profile Organix Kryptopyrroles
Candida Antibody Profile Estronex Homocysteine Histamine
Gluten Sensitivity Profile Male Hormone Panels Insulin Resistance Anaemia Profiles
Wheat sensitivity profile Melatonin Profile Helicobacter Pylori Breath Test ION Profile


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